AZ┌CAR LETAL are the next generation of latin pop.
It is a cooperation between three cuban singers Lenia Diaz-Diaz, Africa Marquez-Cardenas, Madelin Esquime-Afonso and the innovative electronic music producer Holger Hiller.
They successfully connected the roots of salsa in its cuban form with an up to date pop production. The story so far... Cuban music has had a huge influence on european and american styles. Not only can these influences be traced back to the mambo craze of the early sixties in the US and the latin influences on jazz music, but even JAMES BROWN and the invention of funk music were not imaginable without the afro cuban foundations laid a decade earlier. To bring this influence back to life was the aim of HOLGER HILLER.

Would it be possible to create a true crossover on the basis of the afro cuban traditions, without destroying them in the process? The other aim was to produce in a style that would depart from the usual salsa images and move away from the nostalgic pictures of smiling people, palm trees and hand rolled cigars. The choice of songs on this pop orientated album reflects the ambigous moods of cuba today, from the emotional love song "ya ves" to the slightly sinister "hagamos un chen" commenting on prostitution.
AZ┌CAR LETAL shows that cuban music is not far removed from european and american influenced styles. They are not opposites. They belong together.