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euro trash girl

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Bienvenudo ! Welcome ! Auf Wiederhören ! FSK go international. After a lengthy '95 US tour (as documented by French-German ARTE TV and their popular 'Lost In Music' program) Munich's most famous quintet has returned ! Again, they recorded a double album worth of material in Richmond, Virginia. As head of the producing unit served no other than Cracker's David Lowery, who also plays instruments and sings on several of the tracks. Like its predecessor "The Sound Of Music" the album will be available on both sides of the Atlantic. "International" shows a new side of the stylistic discovery of Peel favourites (6 sessions !) FSK. After 15 years of time travelling through pop music's history, New Wave, the main influence of way back when they began (1980) is the name of the game. But still, the good time flavour resides down home in the same neighborhood. Starting with "Roxy Munich", the koo! overture, this record is fiull of good ideas. Check out the krazy ballad "Die Kaiser Wilhelm" and all of the other hicky-dicky arranged materiai. It's alive ! 'Camp' is the orientation and 'Now' is the sound. Nouveau wave pop. Can you believe that Marilyn Monroe's classic "She acts like a woman should" is sung by FSK's spokesperson Thomas Meinecke ? Dance to FSK's version of "Euro Trash Girl" (by Cracker). Relax to the friendly inter!udes ("Olympiaturm '72"). Not only are there fiantastic compositions like "Mark Twain in Heidelberg", "Amon Düül Diskographie" and "Mein Kubano Girl" but they include the band's typical treatment that sets terms like 'Nation' and 'Gender' on fire. It's radical, it's intelligent, it's FSK ! German is their sometimes language. Feminine is the look of the cover As she-male is the cover boy. INTERSEXUAL MUSIC - INTERNATIONAL MESSAGE - the new FSK album has,arrived ! Botschaft. EFA CD 15548, EFA Do-LP 15548 VÖ: 23.02.96