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the sound of munich

schwabing girls

sternzeichen jungfrau
disko dandy

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silver disc

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escape from planet munich

subupcd26 cd15546 merricks
merricks in schwierigkeiten

Hello, hello...this, the Merricks long awaited third album, is a glamourous and sentimental journey to their musical roots.
For two years, the Merricks have recollected anything from anecdotes, soundsnippets and histories concerning a long-neglected era of international pop music: Munich Disco from the 1970s. With "The Sound Of Munich" these six young popsters are happy to represent their hometown at large. This record is build upon serious research. And the best thing is: you can dance to this masterpiece of neverending boogie and catchy melodies. Do the Munich Hustle, cuz this life is crazy and full of international stars from around the corner. Yes, this is the sound of full plastic compact hotelrooms, echoy dancefloors in the size of a shoppingmall and huge platform shoes. Imagine Giorgio Moroder, Peter Bellotte and Jeff Lynne, each of them sporting a moustache and working on some nasty concept record. The Merricks have loads of upbeat rhythms available, airy string sections that make you whistle and when the out of space vocoder is in effect, you know you are on some magic trip! And don`t forget the sinthesizers, they`d appeal to any sort of on-deck music entertainer on some Loveboat. By the way live, the Merricks are doing one big lovejam. Enjoy it! The Sound Of Munich is an answer to the world turning upside down. The Beat must go on! It happens in the heart of Bavaria. NOW! Helping with the recording was none other than House-DJ Darryl Hunt. Flying in from London regularly, the former Pogues bassplayer acted as an adviser. The covershot is from a long torn down 1970s building in the Munich neighborhood of Schwabing called Schwabylon. Back then Schwabing was thee Disco District in Bavaria`s Capital. The cover artist is Moritz Rrr, ex member of legendary german new wave outfit Der Plan. Thomas Meinecke of FSK fame wrote lyrics to the song "Sternzeichen Jungfrau".
Shine On, Oh Mighty Schwabylon. May The Sound Of Munich Be With You !